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Celebrating Trailblazing Women of Newark: 'Shaping, Paving the Way for a Stronger Community'


By: Richard L. Smith 

As Women's History Month draws to a close, RLS Media, the Newark community, and the NAACP honor the invaluable contributions of women who tirelessly work behind the scenes and lead with distinction.Real EstateThis year, special recognition is given to three remarkable women whose efforts have significantly impacted society: Ms. Mary G. Bennett, Ms. Rashanna Frison-James, and Ms. Annette Alston.

Their dedication and achievements not only highlight their individual excellence but also serve as a tribute to the countless women and young women who energize our community daily.

Ms. Mary G. Bennett: Champion for Quality Education

Bennett Recently appointed as a member of the New Jersey Board of Education, Mary G. Bennett has devoted her life to advocating for quality education. With a rich history in education as a teacher, principal, director of Project Grad, mentor, professor, and consultant, her work has touched many lives.

Mary's nomination and acceptance onto the board signify a victory for all New Jersey school children, ensuring that the torch of education burns brighter for future generations.

Ms. Rashanna Frison-James: Voice of Youth and Empowerment

James The newly appointed Commissioner of the Newark Civilian Complaint Review Board, Rashanna Frison-James, stands as a beacon of hope and change for the city's youth.

Through her work, Rashanna actively engages her peers, encouraging them to participate positively in their community and understand the power of their vote. Her recent publication, a book of poetry, looks into various topics that resonate with her generation, making her a significant voice in the ongoing dialogue for progress.

Ms. Annette Alston: Chronicler of Community Activism

NAACP Annette Alston's latest book, "Larry Hamm, A Life in the Struggle," co-authored with Larry Hamm, explores over fifty years of relentless community activism.

This work captures the essence of dedication to community service and the fight for justice, charting the history of a co-founder of the People's Organization for Progress (POP). Besides, Annette's contribution to children's literature, particularly her award-winning "Harriet Tubman for Beginners," positions her as an influential author dedicated to educating the youth about pivotal figures in history.

In saluting these dynamic women, the NAACP and the Newark community also extend their gratitude to the many women whose daily contributions foster a vibrant and robust community.

These individuals' stories of dedication, leadership, and service inspire us all, and remind us of women's power to enact positive change in society during this Women's History Month.

RLS Media joins in celebrating these phenomenal and trailblazing women, Newark residents, acknowledging their enduring legacy and the paths they pave for future generations.