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Carteret Men Accused of Egging Cars, Homes in North Brunswick Arrested

By kcora on
North Brunswick Township Carteret

Police today announced the arrest of two Carteret men accused of egging numerous vehicles and homes in North Brunswick.

According to police, the egging incidents affected residents of the Hidden Lake area, with many victims reporting their cars and homes egged over several different days.

Last night however, Taranbir Singh, 18, of Carteret, and Hamza Ahmed, 20, also of Carteret, were taken into custody and charged with the numerous counts of criminal mischief and were ultimately released.

There are two remaining suspects that we are confident will be arrested soon.

Police added that it does not appear that there any ties to North Brunswick, other than the random choice of these individuals.

Authorities are asking victims who have not filed a report, to do so.