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Carbon Monoxide Leak Prompts Building Evacuation in Plainfield


Ice CreamBy: Richard L. Smith 

Plainfield's emergency responders were quickly on the scene Tuesday night when they received reports of elevated carbon monoxide (CO) levels inside a multi-family 12-story building located at 510 East Front Street.

Fire officials quickly arrived at the location to investigate the source of this potentially deadly gas leak.

Upon assessing the situation, responders discovered abnormal CO readings, prompting an immediate evacuation of the building.

The incident reportedly affected at least one other nearby structure.

While the majority of residents managed to evacuate safely, one person required medical attention. Their current condition remains undisclosed.

Fire officials are now working to pinpoint the source of the CO leak and ensure the safety of the affected buildings and their occupants.

The incident remains under investigation, emphasizing the critical importance of CO detectors in every home to safeguard against this silent but deadly threat.