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Car Plunges Into the Passaic River With Driver Trapped in Kearny


By: Richard L. Smith 

Hudson County Emergency Responders heroically rescued the driver whose vehicle plunged into the Passaic River near a housing development in Kearny Monday evening. 

According to Kearny Fire officials, at approximately 7 p.m., firefighters responded to a vehicle in the Passaic River with entrapment

Car in water

 Upon arrival, crews confirmed a vehicle with an occupant inside. It appeared that the driver missed a turn on the complex 115 Passaic Avenue and drove into the river. 

Kearny Fire officials said two rescue swimmers were deployed and contacted the uninjured driver.

The swimmers were able to remove the driver through the rear of the vehicle and assisted the occupant up a ladder to crews waiting on the river bank.

Car 🚘 n water

According to Kearny Fire officials, the occupant was evaluated by EMS, and firefighters remained on the scene until Moran Towing removed the vehicle.

The cause of the incident is under investigation. 

Car in water

Images: Kearny Fire Department/RLS Media Staff