Camden County Officers’ Quick Actions Saves Occupants Trapped Inside Engulfed Vehicles

This week, the Camden County Police Department is proud to recognize four individuals for their heroic actions to save lives – Officers Vaughn Edwards, Joseph Mair, Brian McCline and Vincent Russomanno.

According to authorities, at approximately 2:30 a.m. on April 7th, Officer Mair was on patrol in the area of 7th and Sycamore Streets when he heard the sound of a car crash and then saw flames coming from nearby.

Officials say the officer quickly relayed information about the crash on the radio for other officers and then drove onto 676 where he was the first officer on the scene.

Upon arrival, the officer observed two vehicles side-by-side that had collided and were badly damaged and on fire, with two adult males inside each vehicle.

Officer Mair was soon joined on the scene by Officers Edwards, McCline and Russomanno along with Delaware River Port Authority Police Department Officer Franklin Flash and several civilian motorists who had stopped to help. Together they worked to free victims from the vehicles. They shattered windows and the windshield on a car that was quickly becoming engulfed by flames and pulled two men out of and away from that vehicle moments before the flames fully overtook that vehicle.

Police say both of those victims suffered extensive burns and, after the officers carried them away from the fire, they were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

According to authorities, the officers also helped free two men from the SUV involved in the crash that was also on fire by forcing open a door and ensuring their escape.

“The quick actions taken by Officers Edwards, Mair, McCline and Russomanno ensured that all four victims survived this crash,” said Lt. John Martinez.

For truly embodying what it means to put “Service Before Self” by putting themselves in harm’s way to save others, we honor Officers Edwards, Mair, McCline and Russomanno as the Camden County Police Department Officers of the Week.

Officers Edwards joined the Camden County Police Department in 2015, Officers Mair and McCline in 2016 and Officer Russomanno in 2017. All four officers serve in the department’s Neighborhood Response Team.