Bullets Strike Car in Hillside; Second Shooting in Less than Week

Hillside authorities are investigating a shots-fired inside that occurred one of their neighborhoods in the township Thursday night.

According to a preliminary investigation, Hillside Police said in a brief statement, the shooting happened on at approximately 9 pm in the area of Schleifer Road and Virginia Street.

Units arrived at the scene and found evidence that a shooting occurred, but after police searched the area, no victims were found.

A vehicle was damaged in the 100 block of Conant Street according to reports.

The shots fired incident is the second in Hillside in less than a full week. Police said in the other shots fired incident, gunfire erupted in the 1500 block of Hiawatha Avenue just before 2 pm.

When units arrived at the scene, they found that a gunman sprayed the residential area with bullets.

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Units arrived and taped the area off after they found shell casings but no injured victims.

Police officials said anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hillside Police Department at 973-926-5800 or email us at tips@hillsidepolice.org. You can choose to remain anonymous.

IMAGE: Cover is File, Daylight Shooting picture is Hiawatha.