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Bronx Woman Sentenced to 20 Years for Sexually Assaulting Dancer at Gentleman's Club in Passaic

By rlsmetro on

Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes announces that Trystal Lozada, 28, formerly of Bronx, New York, was sentenced today to an aggregate term of 20 years in New Jersey State Prison for sexually assaulting her co-worker, a former exotic dancer at Mr. B’s Gentleman’s Club in Passaic. 

According to officials, on December 20, 2019, a petit jury found Trystal Lozada and co-defendant Michael Ramirez each guilty of three counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault, First Degree, two counts of Sexual Assault, Second Degree, three counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Contact, Third Degree, and two counts of Criminal Sexual Contact, Fourth Degree. 

Officials said that Michael Ramirez was also found guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Sexual Assault, Second Degree. 

According to the investigation, the sexual assault took place on November 5, 2012, inside Mr. B’s Gentleman’s Club in Passaic after the club closed for the evening. 

The State contends that the victim, a former dancer at Mr. B’s, was drugged by one of the managers of the club, rendering her mentally incapacitated and physically helpless, at which point she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by the defendants and others inside of the establishment. 

The victim reported the sexual assault to the Passaic Police Department the next day, and she was taken to the hospital for an examination. Portions of the sexual assault were videotaped by one of the participants. 

The videotape was subsequently recovered by the Passaic Police Department and introduced into evidence during the trial.

Upon receiving the jury’s verdict on December 20, 2019, defendant Trystal Lozada and co-defendant Michael Ramirez were remanded to Passaic County Jail by Judge Mercado-Ramirez pending sentence.

Co-defendant Miguel Delacruz pleaded guilty to Aggravated Sexual Assault, First Degree and was sentenced on February 14, 2018, to 12 years in New Jersey State Prison. 

Codefendant Ashley Maldonado pleaded guilty to Aggravated Sexual Assault and is scheduled to be sentenced on September 3, 2021. Co-defendant Luis Guzman is scheduled for trial on June 1.