R&B Legend, Original Blue Magic Lead Singer Ted Wizard Mills Rescues Man from Burning Car in Hillside

OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM MILLS: God is good for sure. The video of me running to save someone's life give me the chills. I pray he lives"!!!

Information coming into our news space from sources are updating our weekend crew that the heroic person that dived over a concrete barrier and rescued a man from a burning car is R&B Legend and Original Lead Singer from Blue Magic Mr. Ted Wizzard Mills.

According to preliminary information that made it into our information space, Mills left his vehicle that was in the westbound lanes and lept over the barrier before pulling a severely burned man from the overturned car at approximately 7:30 a.m. Saturday.

"It was like MAGIC when he came!"

According to reports, several other Good Samaritans assisted Mills in carrying the burned man off to the side of the road before the vehicle exploded into flames.

Ted Wizard Mills and the other Good Samaritans waited with the man until emergency responders arrived and extinguished the flames.

Messages sent to the Union County Prosecutor's Office and Hillside authorities for a wellness check of the victim was not immediately answered.

According to published reports, Blue Magic was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1972 when former member of The Delfonics, Randy Cain, brought in singer-songwriter Ted Mills to do some writing with the Philly-based WMOT production company to create a new band.

During the 1970s, there were few first tenors with the power and grace of Ted "Wizard" Mills, the lead singer of the legendary group, Blue Magic. His soaring falsetto graced such songs as "Sideshow," "Look Me Up" and many other hits according to soultracks.com

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

INFO/IMAGE CREDIT: Wikipedia, soultracks.com