BREAKING UPDATE JERSEY CITY NJ: 13-Year Veteran Police Officer Killed in Jersey City

The following is an official rundown of what police believe occurred during today's hail of gunfire that killed 6 people including a veteran Jersey City Police officer:

Mayor Fulop "This is a tough day for the city"
-Detective Joseph Seals was a lead officer who got guns off the street of Jersey City. He was married and had five children. He was apart of the Cease Fire Unit
-One officer struck in the shoulder and another hit in the body. Both released from the hospital

Mike Kelly Police Director:
-12:25 p.m. Gunfire rang out at 225 Martin Luther King Drive
-Officers from Jersey City arrived and were engaged in rapid police fire by suspects with 'long guns."
-Police officials then learned that an officer was down at the Bayview Cemetary.
-Top brass contacted The FBI, Port Authority Police, ATF, NYPD and a host of other agencies to assist
-Tactical units in the scene took gunfire for hours as gunmen repeatedly fired at officers. Hundreds of shots fired.
-There is no confirmation on what the operation was that brought police to the area of the cemetery
-All injured officers released from the hospital.
-Police towed away a Uhaul vehicle and are checking it for an explosive
-When officers entered the store, they found 5 people dead.
-No confirmation on who these victims are but believed to be 2 suspects and 3 civilians.
-No reports of other suspects at this time
-30,000 Jersey City students and staff were locked down for hours. The released at 4:45 p.m. to parents.

The investigation remains active and ongoing.