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BREAKING UPDATE JERSEY CITY NJ: 13-Year Veteran Police Officer Killed in Jersey City

By rlsmetro on
Jersey City

The following is an official rundown of what police believe occurred during today's hail of gunfire that killed 6 people including a veteran Jersey City Police officer:

**Mayor Fulop "This is a tough day for the city"**

-Detective Joseph Seals was a lead officer who got guns off the street of Jersey City. He was married and had five children. He was apart of the Cease Fire Unit

-One officer struck in the shoulder and another hit in the body. Both released from the hospital

**Mike Kelly Police Director:**

-12:25 p.m. Gunfire rang out at 225 Martin Luther King Drive

-Officers from Jersey City arrived and were engaged in rapid police fire by suspects with 'long guns."

-Police officials then learned that an officer was down at the Bayview Cemetary.

-Top brass contacted The FBI, Port Authority Police, ATF, NYPD and a host of other agencies to assist

-Tactical units in the scene took gunfire for hours as gunmen repeatedly fired at officers. Hundreds of shots fired.

-There is no confirmation on what the operation was that brought police to the area of the cemetery

-All injured officers released from the hospital.

-Police towed away a Uhaul vehicle and are checking it for an explosive

-When officers entered the store, they found 5 people dead.

-No confirmation on who these victims are but believed to be 2 suspects and 3 civilians.

-No reports of other suspects at this time

-30,000 Jersey City students and staff were locked down for hours. The released at 4:45 p.m. to parents.

The investigation remains active and ongoing.