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BREAKING: Pending Thunderstorms Force Met Life Officials to Evacuate Concert Featuring Kenny Chesney

East Rutherford

Strong storms that are making its way into the East Rutherford area had MetLife Stadium officials call for an immediate evacuation of the stadium this evening.

According to officials, the stadium asked everyone to get out and take shelter immediately as storms began to approach the North Jersey region.

According to Met Life Stadium's website, this evening's concert lineup is scheduled to have Brandon Lay, Old Dominion, Thomas Rhett and Kenny Chesney performs.

Just two weeks ago, a concert featuring Jay Z and Beyonce was evacuated due to strong thunderstorms.

UPDATE AS OF 6:15 PM: We are still in a weather delay for at least another 30 minutes. The show will resume once the 5:45PMweather clears. Standby for additional update 5:45 PM

****- Attention please: severe weather is in the area. For your safety, please seek shelter in your vehicles. For those without cars, please proceed into the Stadium. Event Staff are available to guide and assist you. Updates will be posted once the threat of severe weather has passed. Thank you.

For those already in the Stadium, for your safety, we are going to have everyone leave the outdoor seating bowl area and take shelter inside the Stadium. Please do not congregate near the exits as others are leaving the outdoor seating bowl area. You should use the space on the ramps at the ends of the stadium as well. Event Staff are available to guide and assist you.