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BREAKING: Newark Schools Close as Snowstorm Threatens Treacherous Travel in Northern NJ


By: Richard L. Smith 

IMAGE: File 

As northern New Jersey braces for a potent snowstorm expected to hit the area on Tuesday, Newark has announced school closures, joining over 40 other institutions across the state in a bid to ensure the safety of students, staff, and parents bringing their children to school. 


Nino Superintendent  Roger Leon has officially informed the Newark community of the decision, citing the severe weather forecast that predicts high winds and heavy snowfall, potentially disrupting daily routines and travel plans.

The impending storm, which is forecasted to start early Tuesday morning around 7 a.m., is poised to create hazardous travel conditions across northern New Jersey, including Newark.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued warnings about the difficult travel conditions and reduced visibility that residents can expect.

Snow accumulations could reach up to 7 inches in the Newark and North Jersey region, significantly impacting morning commutes and possibly leading to flight disruptions at EWR. 

In preparation for the storm's arrival, Newark police have issued a reminder to residents that it is illegal to dispose of snow onto the streets, urging the community to adhere to city regulations to facilitate clear and safe roadways.

Nino Additionally, the Department of Public Safety is gearing up for a coordinated response to the snowstorm.

This includes managing burglar alarms, addressing potential flooding, and handling other weather-related incidents with a unified effort from Police, Fire, and the Office of Emergency Management personnel.

Residents are advised to secure or bring indoors any unsecured outdoor furniture, awnings, refuse, and building materials to prevent them from becoming hazards in high winds.

The city also emphasizes the importance of safety during power outages, recommending the use of flashlights over candles to minimize fire risks.

As the region prepares for the snowstorm, the community is urged to stay informed, prioritize safety, and avoid unnecessary travel.

The collective response and preparedness measures aim to mitigate the storm's impact and ensure the well-being of Newark's residents and the surrounding areas.