BREAKING NEWARK NJ: Newark Central Ward Shooting Leaves Man Dead

Homicides detectives are on the scene of a shooting that has a man dead in a Newark Central Ward community at this time.

Residents heard multiple loud blasts that rang out in the 700 block of Martin Luther King Boulevard at Longworth Street just before 5:50 p.m., then saw the body of a male victim laying on the ground in an unconscious and unresponsive state.

Police arrive at the scene and taped off the area to begin their investigations.

Two black males entered a light-colored vehicle and sped away from the scene immediately after the shooting.

Police reportedly recovered rifle shell casings at the scene.

Expect heavy delays and detours ok Martin Luther King Boulevard or just avoid the area altogether until the investigation is complete.

This is the second fatal shooting of the day in Newark and the third of the day for The Essex County Prosecutor's Office -one in Bloomfield-.


Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Newark, NJ