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BREAKING: Man Shot Dead Inside House in Newark’s Central Ward


By: Richard L. Smith   

Detectives for The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office are on the scene of a shooting with a male victim (Keith Holland, 45) dead inside a house in Newark’s Central Ward.   

Residents in the 70’s block of Rose Terrace said they heard about six loud popping noises and people inside a nearby house screaming after at least one gunman fired multiple times at the victim and then fled the scene. 


Police arrived and found Holland suffering several gunshot wounds.   

Holland was pronounced dead at the scene around After 4:30 a.m.   

Residents say there was a  New Year’s celebration happening inside one of the apartments in the home just before the commotion and shooting.

Authorities have not released the motive for the shooting at this time. 

Newark will ring in their first homicide investigation for 2023 but not the first shooting incident -with at least one confirmed hit- from the overnight. 

The investigation is active and ongoing.