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BREAKING EWR: Jet Blue Plane Evacuated at Newark Airport


Police and emergency responders are on the scene conducting an investigation into an airline incident at Newark Airport at this time.

Police or officials have not released exact details on what caused the evacuation of Jet Blue #573 plane that occurred at approximately 8:10 a.m.

According to preliminary reports, the plane was supposed to be leave Newark at 6:10am and head to Tampa but some type of threat halted its departure.

There are no injuries or arrests immediately reported. Officials have not announced a lockdown or overall airline delays at the airport at this time.

Passengers were placed on buses next to the plane.

UPDATE 8:55 AM This was a Suspicious item found on the plane. There is a search underway of the plane.

IMAGE CREDIT: Nikki Morris

We will update you when additional information is available.