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BREAKING: Emotionally Distressed, Combative Man Torches House with Newark Police Officers Inside

By rlsmetro on

An emotionally distressed and combative man set a house on fire while police officers were inside attempting to place the man in custody this evening in Newark’s South Ward. 

According to early information, the incident originated at 179 Hobson Street just before 9:50 p.m. 

Officials say the suspect was wanted for several assaults that occurred at that location. 

When police attempted to arrest the man, he lit a flame that set the home on fire with police officers trapped inside and physically struggling to arrest the suspect.   

At one point, police were forced to evacuate the burning building with the suspect escaping to the balcony, where he then jumped two stories after flames began to intensify. 

While on the ground, police again tried to arrest the combative man who fought officers violently. 

According to preliminary reports, several officers suffered smoke installation, required treatment and are expected to recover. 

Initially, the suspect was engaged in a fistfight with his father before officers entered the house, reports said. 

Firefighters extinguished the blaze, which extended to a neighboring home, but there were no other injuries. 

Police said Rutgers Police were at the hospital also attempting to calm down the irate suspect.