BREAKING ELIZABETH NJ: Police Director Cosgrove Resigns

A statement released by city of Elizabeth Spokesperson Kelly Martins to RLS Metro Breaking News has confirmed the resignation of Director Cosgrove amid allegations of using racial and sexist slurs to members of his rank and file.

Below is a statement reeased by Spokesperson Martins from Mayor Bowllwage:

“After meeting with the Attorney General today and discussing a path forward, I have accepted the resignation of Police Director James Cosgrove.

Our conversation centered on changing personnel in the Internal Affairs Department, as only the Chief of the Police Department has that power.

In addition, the whistle-blower complaint filed by an officer against Police Chief John Brennan was discussed. In order to truly change the culture of the Police Department, I am also calling upon Chief Brennan to step aside during this investigation.

Prior to his departure, effective in two days, I have also asked Director Cosgrove to use that time and brief the City Attorney, William Holzapfel and the Business Administrator, Bridget Anderson, on current personnel and policy issues as it pertains to the police department as the City begins a search for a new Police Director.

As Acting Prosecutor Jennifer Davenport proceeds with the investigation, I pledge our cooperation in ensuring the Police Department is sensitive to the needs of our residents”.

The matter is under investigation.