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BREAKING: Earthquake Prompts Closure of Holland Tunnel and Regional Safety Inspections

Jersey City

By: Richard L. Smith

In the wake of a significant earthquake centered in Hunterdon County, Port Authority officials have taken immediate action by closing the Holland Tunnel for inspection.AdThis decision came shortly after the tremors, felt throughout the tri-state area just after 11:15 a.m., raised concerns about potential damage to the underwater structure.

Port Authority teams are now rigorously assessing the tunnel for any signs of structural compromise.


Residents across the Tri-State area reported feeling the ground shake as the earthquake, the largest to hit the region since 1973, made its presence known on Friday morning.

The U.S. Geological Survey has confirmed the quake's magnitude at 4.8, with its epicenter near Lebanon, New Jersey.

Despite the widespread alarm, New York City appears to have been spared significant damage, with City Hall reporting no major impacts from the seismic event.

However, the tremors were distinctly felt across the city, prompting a wave of precautionary measures.AdIn response to the earthquake, Newark and JFK airports have initiated ground stops, delaying flights as teams inspect runways for any earthquake-related damage.

New Jersey Transit has also issued a warning to passengers to expect delays in both directions, as bridges throughout the area undergo safety inspections.

The closure of the Holland Tunnel and the subsequent inspections stresses the seriousness with which the region is taking the potential risks posed by the earthquake.

As officials work to ensure the safety of all structures and services, residents are urged to stay informed and prepared for any updates.Ad