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BREAKING: Armed Suspect Barricaded  at Woodbridge Gas Station, SWAT on Scene

Woodbridge Township

By: Richard L. Smith 


Woodbridge Police, in coordination with SWAT, are currently engaged in an effort to get an armed suspect to surrender at a gas station on US 1&9. AdAll lanes on US 1&9 have been closed for safety reasons at the Citgo Station located at 1021 after what began as a traffic stop escalated into a dangerous situation.

Barricaded The suspect, after being stopped, reportedly fired shots and then took a female Citgo Gas Station Mart employee hostage.

Preliminary information indicates that the lone gunman has claimed to have rigged the station with explosives.

Police have surrounded the station, and the initial call came in around 7 PM.

Authorities are urging the public to avoid the area as they work to resolve the situation safely.