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Branchburg Man Charged with Car, Narcotics Theft

By rlsmetro on

Authorities in Somerset County reported the arrest of Mr. Nicholas G. Aiello, 26, of Branchburg Township in relation to two separate incidents involving motor vehicle thefts. 

Acting Prosecutor Chirichella stated that on February 24, at approximately 9:21 p.m. Branchburg Township Police responded to an area restaurant for a report of a stolen vehicle.

Subsequently while on radar patrol an officer observed a vehicle traveling eastbound on Route 28 at a high rate of speed.

The officer activated his vehicle’s emergency lights and siren but discontinued the pursuit for safety reasons as the vehicle sped out of sight.

A short time later investigating Branchburg Officers were notified by the Flemington Police Department that the stolen vehicle was found overturned in the retention drainage area located near the center of the Flemington Circle.

A joint investigation with the Flemington Police Department subsequently identified Nicholas Aiello as being a person of interest.

It was also determined that the stolen vehicle was the vehicle speeding on Route 28 which had failed to stop for the Branchburg officer.

During the investigation it was learned that Nicholas Aiello had taken a bottle containing 60 Alprazolam prescription pills from a Branchburg residence. 

Acting Prosecutor Chirichella also stated that on March 15 at approximately 10:22 a.m. the Branchburg Township Police Department was notified of a motor vehicle theft that had taken place at an area convenience store located on Route 28.

The investigating Branchburg Officer immediately broadcast a description of the stolen vehicle and within minutes the stolen vehicle was observed by a Branchburg Police Officer travelling north on River Road. The stolen vehicle sped away out of the officer’s view.

While traveling on Station Road the same officer located the stolen vehicle which had crashed into the Station Road Bridge.

The driver, later identified as Nicholas G. Aiello, was observed attempting to run from the area but was ordered to stop.

He complied and was taken into custody without further incident. Mr. Aiello was transported to an area hospital for treatment for minor injuries which he sustained during the crash. 

Aiello was charged with 3rd degree Theft of a Motor Vehicle, 2nd degree Eluding, 3rd degree Theft of a Controlled Dangerous Substance, and 3rd degree Receiving Stolen Property.  

After being treated for his injuries, he was lodged in the Somerset County Jail pending a bail detention hearing.