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Borough of Carteret Initiates Next Phase of Ferry Terminal, Transportation Building Project


By: Richard L. Smith 

The Honorable Mayor Daniel J. Reiman proudly announced that the Borough has taken a significant step forward in the development of the ferry terminal and Carteret Intermodal Transportation Building on a revitalized seven-acre site that DuPont Chemical formerly operated.

AdWith the recent approval of design plans by the state Department of Transportation, the Borough is now actively seeking bids for the next phase of the project.

The ferry terminal construction will encompass several crucial elements, including an in-water fixed pier, floating docks for passenger embarkation and disembarkation, connecting gangways, timber ramps, a wave screen, and steel piles.

Additionally, a timber staircase will connect the floating dock with the ferry boat, while two parallel aluminum gangways will link the fixed pier to the floating dock.

The funding for this ambitious endeavor will be drawn from grants provided by NJDOT, the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection, and the Federal Transit Authority. While a detailed design is currently in progress, Mayor Reiman expressed his excitement for the developments to come.

The initial phase of the project, slated to commence as soon as possible, will involve constructing a 700-space parking lot. This parking facility will feature lighting, utilities, and innovative stormwater runoff mitigation measures, including inlets, porous pavement, and high-density polyethylene and reinforced concrete pipes.

Under the dedicated leadership of the Reiman administration, an impressive $48 million in funding from various sources has been secured for the ferry project. This includes a substantial grant from the Federal Transit Administration and a 2023 Congressional appropriation.

Interested parties and potential bidders can access contract documents and project plans electronically or visit the office of consulting engineers T&M Associates at 11 Tindall Road in Middletown.

To request these documents, please send an email to

Pending review by the Federal Transit Administration, the final design phase will commence for the Intermodal Transportation Building.

This multi-purpose structure is envisioned to include a bar, lounge, restaurant, restrooms, ticketing area, office space, and banquet hall, offering a range of amenities for travelers and visitors.

The origins of this transformative ferry project date back approximately 15 years, when the Reiman Administration began to explore its feasibility.

Notably, the bulkhead for the ferry terminal was successfully completed last October, and the NJDOT Office of Maritime Resources completed dredging in January.

Excitingly, the impending ferry service has generated interest from two hotel groups, both keen to operate full-scale hotels within the waterfront redevelopment area.

One of these hotels is part of Carteret Stages, a designated and approved $1 billion waterfront redevelopment project. This ambitious venture also encompasses 500,000 square feet of studio soundstage and film production facilities, as well as commercial and office spaces, restaurants, retail outlets, and a 1,200-car parking garage.

For regular updates on the progress of the Carteret ferry project and the vibrant waterfront redevelopment, please visit Carteret's official website at or follow @MyCarteret on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Borough of Carteret is on the brink of transformative changes that promise to enhance transportation options and provide exciting new opportunities for residents and visitors.