Bloomfield Continues Water Main Cleaning Project to Improve Public Health, Water Purity

BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- Bloomfield Township is continuing significant improvements to its water flow distribution system, and recently began a water main cleaning and lining project of 6,000 linear feet of 12-inch water main that will be completed over the next three to five months.

Officials say this is the second in a multi-phase program to clean water mains, stripping the inside of pipes to remove accumulated sediment and rust that has built up over decades within the water main and lining them with a less corrosive coating of cement. This project will also replace any lead service lines when discovered during the course of the work and replace them with safer copper.

Over the past four years, the township has spent $10 million on water improvement projects, with the joint goals of water purification and conservation. A newly launched home water meter restoration program that will modernize all homes in town will be paid for entirely by the Township, at $4.5 million. The Township Council voted to move forward with a project to completely modernize the Township’s water meter reading structure in late May. Last year the Township commissioned the cleaning and lining of three-quarters of a mile of 12-inch diameter water main.

“This is a first and foremost a health initiative, which will eliminate exposure to any minimum amount of lead or rust that lived in older pipes. But this is also a capital investment because it will allow better water flow, and accompany our efforts to detect leaks better early, saving water and taxpayer dollars,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “This project will improve the efficiency of water flow as well as decrease the formation of bacteria and other contaminants such as haloacetic and trihalomethanes.”

The Township will soon begin construction on a new water pumping station at the site of the old Getty station at East and West Passaic Avenue to receive water from the Wanaque Reservoir operated by the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission.

This is expected to be a $2.4 million project, paid for by the Township with a loan from the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank. The Township has already begun a comprehensive lead service line replacement program.

Bloomfield residents can expect further announcements on improvements to water infrastructure, such as water meters and water supply, in the coming weeks. Residents with any questions about the Township’s drinking water are encouraged to call the Bloomfield Engineering Department at 973-680-4009 or visit the Township Website.