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Beautiful Saturday Transitions to Sunday Clouds, Late Evening Showers for Newark, North Jersey


By: Richard L. Smith 

 Saturday was a gorgeous day to remember as the sun illuminated the skies, creating a picture-perfect setting for outdoor activities.


National Weather Service forecasters say Sunday will be nice with a high temperature near 76 degrees, beckoning residents to enjoy the pleasant warmth—a gentle west wind, ranging between 5 to 8 mph, providing a gentle breeze. 

Meteorologists for the NWS say there will be a noticeable change in the weather pattern as the day progresses. Increasing clouds will slowly roll in, partially obscuring the vibrant blue sky.

Despite the cloud cover, NWS forecasters say temperatures will remain comfortable, ensuring that outdoor plans could still be enjoyed. The barometer reading stood at 30.11 inches, indicating stable atmospheric conditions.

Looking towards the night, NWS forecasters said a shift in the weather was on the horizon. Showers will likely appear, mainly between 9 pm and 3 am.

The region can expect a cloudy night, with a low temperature of around 58 degrees. The air will be infused with a touch of moisture as the humidity level reaches 61%.

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