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Authorities Investigate Rash of Tire, Rim Thefts from Honda Vehicles in Essex Cities

Newark Irvington Township

A rash of tire and rim thefts have police departments stepping up enforcement in several towns in Essex County.

On Wednesday morning, police responded to the area of Mount Prospect and North 3rd Avenue after residents reported a car on top of several milk crates after thieves stole the vehicle's tires and rims during the late night hours.

Residents in the North Ward community said that at least one other vehicle was stripped of it's wheels over the weekend.

In Irvington, police responded to several calls of a vehicle stripped of it's tires and rims near a park in the 600 block of Lyons Avenue this morning.

Police arrived to the location where a heavy duty tow truck was used to lift the vehicle onto the tow truck and remove it from the street.

Earlier in the week in Harrison (Hudson County), residents near the quiet section of Wilhelm Street called police when they noticed a vehicle near the bread factory stripped of all it's tires.

According to authorities, thieves are targeting newer modeled Hondas around the Newark area.

There is no word if there were any arrests in any of the incidents.