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Authorities Find Explosive Materials Inside Maplewood Home, Juvenile Arrested


By: Richard L. Smith 

Local and county authorities took a juvenile into custody in Maplewood Township after discovering explosive devices in his home.VaccineThe arrest occurred on April 19, following a collaborative investigation involving Township Police, the Essex County Prosecutor's Office detectives, and federal officials.

According to information gathered and confirmed by RLS Media, authorities were alerted to a juvenile's possession of materials used for making explosives, leading to a swift operation at a residence in Maplewood that we will not disclose.

When authorities arrived, the juvenile was immediately detained and subsequently charged with possessing explosive materials.

Chief Assistant Prosecutor Thomas Fennelly of the Essex County Prosecutor's Office confirmed the charges to RLS Media. Following a hearing on April 20, the juvenile was placed in the Essex County Juvenile Detention Facility in Newark.Real Estate"Due to the sensitive nature of the case and the age of the individual involved, limited details are being released," Chief Fennelly told RLS Media.

Authorities have not disclosed the specific type of explosives and the intended use of such materials.

Further inquiries directed to Ms. Amy Thorenson from the Newark FBI division remained unanswered.

This active and ongoing incident shows the serious nature of such offenses and the coordinated response by local and county law enforcement.