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Attorney Generals Office Seeks to Revoke Registrations of Hudson County Health Care Firms for Fraud

Hudson County

The Office of the Attorney General announced today that it is seeking to revoke the registrations of two Hudson County Health Care Service Firms for, among other things, allegedly submitting false, deceptive, or misleading documents to the State and improperly training Homemaker-Home Health Aides (CHHAs) that the companies sent into patient homes.   The action follows an investigation conducted by the Division of Consumer Affairs into NJ Golden Home Care Corporation (“Golden”) and Nora Home Care LLC (“Nora”)—both located in Jersey City—for alleged violations of the Private Employment Agency Act and the related regulations. 

Parallel investigations into Golden and Nora found their CHHA training programs allegedly were not taught or overseen by an approved Program Instructor and a Program Coordinator, who are tasked with ensuring that training programs meet the required standards. 

These alleged deficiencies would cause the training programs, and the individuals they trained, to not satisfy the Board’s requirements for certification as a CHHA.   The action announced today is not final; the companies can request a hearing to challenge these allegations and present additional information.   This is the second time the State has taken action against Golden.  On November 28, 2018, the Division issued a Notice of Violation to Golden for violations of the Private Employment Agency Act and related regulations. 

Golden did not contest the violations and paid a $4,000 civil penalty.   As a result of these investigations, the Attorney General has also initiated disciplinary proceedings against individual CHHAs who allegedly obtained their certification without completing the educational requirements mandated by the Board of Nursing (“Board”). 

Those actions will be adjudicated by the Board, which oversees CHHAs and authorizes all CHHA training programs.