Attendant Loses Control of Car, Crashes into Several Vehicles at Newark Car Wash

Police in Newark are investigating an unusual vehicle crash that caused significant damage to several cars at a car wash on Wednesday morning.

The owner of one of the vehicles told RLS Metro Breaking News that the incident happened at approximately 9:20 a.m. at the High Tech Car wash located at the intersection of Court and Nevada streets.

According to the vehicle's owner, his car was going through the car wash, then made its final approach of the cycle -to the blower- when one of the employees/attendant entered the car that was in neutral at that time.

The owner told RLS Media that while the attendant began to drive his car up to the detailing and hand dry stations, he accelerated out of the car wash's tunnel at approximately 30-40 miles per hour.

According to the owner's accounts of the incident, the attendant, who drove his truck, sideswiped another car before crashing into the back of a Cherokee.

The impact of the crash forced the Cherokee onto Court Street, causing and ultimately totaling the owner's truck.

The attendant then exited the crashed vehicle and scurried back into the holding area of the car wash where he remained until police arrived according to the owner.

Several Newark Police officers arrived at the scene and took a report, but there were no criminal charged filed the owner said.

The incident remains under investigation.