Atlantic County Random Acts of Kindness

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office RANDOM ACTS OF COPNESS PROJECT spotlights law enforcement officers from around Atlantic County who are going above and beyond the call of duty to give back to the community.

ACPO features the stories, photos and videos of these RANDOM ACTS OF COPNESS!~

BRIGANTINE- For the Brigantine Police Department, it’s not unusual to receive a 911 call for a seal in distress.

Early on the morning of April 2, Brigantine Police dispatch received 911 call that a seal was seen stranded on the beach.

“It was definitely not the first time that we got a call for a seal.

So the squad goes out and it was a really nice day and we drove on the beach to see if we could locate the seal. But we didn’t see this seal,” said Patrolman Corey Sprague.

Patrolman Sprague said about 25 minutes passed after the officers left the beach and dispatch radioed with another call.

Patrolman Sprague said the officers then heard on the radio, “Could you go over to 24th and Ocean Avenue,” the dispatcher said and then there was a pause.

Patrolman Sprague said the officers learned that the new call was also for a seal that was spotted near the roadway.

“And sure enough we get over there and a seal is squirming across someone’s yard.

This seal was trying to cross the street and it was not deterred by the police cars or the officers. This seal was on a mission to get somewhere,” Patrolman Sprague said.

He said the seal was about 4 feet long and even rolled over on its back and showed off its belly.

The officers protected the seal from traffic as it made its way into the roadway. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center arrived to complete the rescue and remove the animal to take it to safety.