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Atlantic County Prosecutor Signs MOU to Support ‘Hope Exists Foundation’ Social Services

By rlsmetro on
Atlantic County

 On Thursday, September 22, 2022, Atlantic County Prosecutor William E. Reynolds and Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler signed a memorandum of understanding with William Mazur, Executive Director of the Hope Exists Foundation.  

The memorandum memorializes an ongoing collaboration where the respective agencies will coordinate efforts to support the Hope Exists Foundation’s mission to offer support and service connections to those struggling with addiction, mental health, homelessness, and more.  

A central component of the project is its mobile outreach unit, which will expand its reach in the coming months.

The memorandum reads in part: “In recent years, the parties have recognized the devastating effects of mental illness, addiction, and their attendant conditions upon the community.  

The impact is felt in the criminal justice system, families, schools, businesses, public safety, and overall quality of life.  

Each of the parties have dedicated resources to tackling these problems. The parties agree that, where appropriate, a combined and cooperative effort in support of the Hope Exists Foundation and its efforts is best suited to have the most significant impact on the most people.  

Therefore, this MOU establishes a partnership for the benefit of all parties to serve the community, compounding efforts to maximize our ability to help individuals in need.”

      The parties expect to elaborate upon the partnership in the future with joint public events, regular meetings, and resource and data-sharing where appropriate, all in support of


Pictured [Left to Right]: Jaime Costello, Executive Director of Hope One; William Mazur, Executive Director of Hope Exists Foundation; Sheriff Eric Scheffler; Prosecutor William Reynolds; Raymond Royster, Director of Community Outreach, Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.