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Arrest Warrant Issued for Suspect Who Stole $1,000 Using Victim's Debit Card in Newark 


By: Richard L. Smith 

Newark Public Safety officials have announced the issuance of an arrest warrant for Christopher Augustine, a 31-year-old individual hailing from New York.

Augustine is wanted for unlawfully using a victim's debit card to withdraw $1,000 from a bank ATM on July 12, 2023.

AdThe incident unfolded at the TD Bank drive-thru ATM, situated in the 300 block of Springfield Avenue.

The victim, who had initially attempted to deposit cash at the ATM but encountered technical difficulties, decided to use the ATM inside the bank.

Inadvertently, she left her debit card inside the drive-thru ATM.

Augustine, later identified as the prime suspect, was present in a vehicle at the drive-thru when the victim approached him regarding the missing debit card and the unauthorized $1,000 withdrawal.

A heated argument ensued after Augustine exited his vehicle. Several pedestrians intervened, questioning him about the debit card.Ad When they requested Augustine to produce the card, he fled to his car and made a hasty escape.

Christopher Augustine is associated with two known addresses, one at 780 St. Marks Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, and another in Newark, located at 685 Martin Luther King Blvd.

He is described as 5'6" tall, weighing 135 pounds, with brown eyes, black hair, and a medium complexion.

Authorities are actively seeking information regarding Augustine's whereabouts to bring him to justice.