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Armed Suspects Apprehended in Newark Late-Night Operation


By: Richard L. Smith 

Newark Police, backed by their intelligence units, successfully apprehended several armed suspects late Wednesday night in the 4th Precinct.AdThis operation carried out at one of the city's housing complexes, highlighted the effectiveness of Newark's police force in tackling criminal activities.

The incident, still unfolding with details, started with an investigation around 18th Avenue and 18th Street.

Reports say police presence, including the NPD1 aviation chopper, was intensified over the Livingston Homes area after three suspects fled upon an attempt by officers to stop them for questioning regarding suspicious activities.

The suspects led the police on a foot chase through the housing development. During a search of the neighborhood, officers located the suspects and seized several weapons.AdA crime scene unit was dispatched to process the scene further, ensuring all evidential protocols were followed.

Remarkably, the situation was resolved without serious injuries, showcasing the police's commitment to maintaining public safety with minimal harm.

As the investigation continues, this incident stands as a testament to the Newark Police Department's vigilance and strategic approach to combating crime and ensuring the safety of its community members.