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Armed Robbery in Maplewood Under Investigation 



By: Richard L. Smith 

Police in Maplewood are on the search for suspects wanted for an armed robbery Tuesday evening. 

Police said M&D Services, located at 754 Irvington Avenue in Maplewood, was the scene of an armed robbery around 6:24 p.m. 

According to the Maplewood Police Department, while an employee was attending to a customer, two unidentified male individuals stormed into the shop.

Police said one of the men forcefully commanded the employee to get down on the ground while the other menacingly flashed a handgun, demanding money.

The duo managed to seize roughly $500 in cash from a drawer before hastily departing on foot, heading in the direction of West on Parker Avenue.

Police said both suspects were described as black males who had taken measures to conceal their faces partially. 

Fortunately, the employee, though shaken from the encounter, did not sustain any physical injuries and declined any medical assistance. 

Maplewood's Detective Bureau has taken charge of the ongoing investigation.

In light of the incident, additional police patrols have been allocated to monitor the area, ensuring public safety.

Maplewood Police is urging anyone with potential leads, videos, or any information regarding the suspects to reach out to Detective Rella at 973-761-7926.