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Another Rash of Car Burglaries in Newark’s Forest Hill Community Angers, Rattles Residents


By: Richard L. Smith 

“Vandalism is a quality-of-life issue that impacts too many Newark residents throughout the city, me included." -Community Leader Mr. Quamid Childs 

A Newark North Ward community leader was one of over a half dozen residents who experienced their vehicles' windows smashed and cars burglarized in Newark's Forest Hill section Monday morning. 

Residents in the well-kept vicinity of Branch Brook Park Drive and Grafton Avenue said the recent rash of car burglaries and vandalism is becoming all so familiar, very expensive and annoying at best. 

According to community leaders, Newark Police and Essex County Sheriff's Office units have been no strangers to pleas from the community for stepped-up patrol in the area to stop burglars from smashing their windows and rummaging through items cars. 


"Most of the incidents, the vandals walk away with nothing because we follow what authorities say by not leaving cash or valuables in the car, but they leave us with hefty bills to pay for smashed windows and damage that ranges between $300-$500 an occurrence", a Forest Hill resident told RLS Media. 

During the early morning hours of Monday, a resident near the area of Grafton and Branch Brook Park Drive noticed their vehicle and seven other cars with their windows smashed. 

Police were called o the scene, took reports, and advised residents to notify their insurance companies. 


One of the victims, Newark North Ward Community Leader Quamid Childs, said he's hoping for better days which would include better police presence, but he planned to bring th community's concerns to elected city officials. 

 "Waking up to see your car or property damaged is disheartening and should be a priority for our elected representatives.

As a community advocate and leader, I believe it is vital that the city implements adequate safety measures where community members feel safe and do not have to worry about physical damage being done to their property", Community Leader Childs said. 


Neighbors said what occurred over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend is a part of a repeated pattern constantly unfolding there. 

"It used to be one here and there, but now you are getting 5 or 6 on the block in less than seven days at a time. It's really frustrating because the amount of rent we pay in this area, then having to shell out $700 at any given time is not fair", a resident told RLS Media. 

Police have reported  no arrests in any of the area burglaries at this time.