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Alleged Montville High School Intruder Arrested


By: Yuritza Arroyo

IMAGE: Google

Morris County authorities announced the arrest of an alleged intruder at Montville High School on February 2.

According to officials, Charles Banaciski III, 19, of Bloomfield, has been charged with unlicensed structure entry, a crime of the fourth degree.

Officials say on February 2, surveillance footage shows an unknown adult male arrived at Montville High School at approximately 6:30 a.m. and proceeded to walk around the building while wearing a backpack.

A school staff member discovered him. The staff member confronted Banaciski, who allegedly claimed to be a student.

According to authorities, upon further questioning, Banaciski excused himself and left the building, and drove away.

As a precaution, Montville High School was placed on shelter-in-place until the building was cleared by law enforcement and the Morris County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit. A subsequent investigation identified Banaciski as the suspected intruder.

Police say he was arrested at his residence in Bloomfield. The investigation remains ongoing.

Prosecutor Carroll said, “Thanks to the diligent investigative work, a swift arrest was carried out by the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, Morris County Sheriff’s Office, Montville Township Police Department, and other law enforcement partners.

I applaud our law enforcement officers and especially thank the Montville High School employee who followed their gut instinct and questioned the suspicious individual.

During our recent memorandum of agreement signing and security summit, Morris County school administrators reaffirmed their commitment to the safety of our students and educators through collaboration.

This swift arrest is the result of attentive staff and a rapid report to law enforcement.

May this incident be a reminder to the public that to keep our schools as secure as they can be, law enforcement also needs the assistance of vigilant members of the community. It is critical for the public to report any and all suspicious activity.”