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ALERT: Suspect Wanted for Robbing Food Delivery Driver in Newark


By: Richard L. Smith 

The Newark Police Department has issued an urgent appeal to the public for assistance in identifying suspects involved in a robbery that took place on January 22, 2024.AdThe incident, which was captured on surveillance footage, occurred around noon during a routine food delivery in the 70 block of Peabody Place.

According to the police report, the delivery worker, believing he was approaching the customer, walked towards an individual who was signaling to him from across the street.

This person, now identified as a suspect, was accompanied by two other males.

Police said In a threatening turn of events, one of the suspects, armed with a weapon, confronted the delivery worker, demanding his cell phone.

The trio, described as Black males with slim builds, then proceeded to search the victim's pockets, stealing $102.89.AdThe suspects' descriptions have been released in hopes of aiding their identification. Suspect #1 was seen wearing a black ski mask and black pants.

Suspect #2 had on a black ski mask, a grey-black fleece jacket, and black pants while

Suspect #3 was distinguished by a dark blue and black jacket paired with black pants.

Director Fragé of the Newark Police Department is calling for anyone with information about the suspects to come forward.

Tips can be shared via the Police Division's 24-hour Crime Stopper tip line at 1-877-NWK-TIPS (1-877-695-8477).

The department assures that all tips received through the Crime Stoppers line will remain confidential and could potentially lead to a reward for crucial information leading to the suspect's apprehension.