ALERT: Newark South Ward Police Search for Missing Senior Man UPDATE 1:40PM Found Safe

Police in Newark are on the search for a senior man who left his home in the city's South Ward.

According to police, Mr. Glen Wattas went missing from the 100 block of Fabyan Place early today.

Police say Mr. Glen Watts is wearing a grey hoody, blue jacket with either grey or blue pants. He also has in his possession two bags, either a blue/ black duffel bag and a black garbage bag with his belongings.

Authorities believe Glen might be attempting to head to the state of Georgia because he stated that he wants to return to that location.

Police say Glen does have a credit card and $20.00 in his right pocket.

Mr. Glen's mental condition is considered unsatisfactory and he has been diagnosed with Dementia, but his physical condition is excellent.

If anyone knows where Mr. Glen is, please notify The Special Victims Unit or Newark Police Dept at 973- 733-7273 or 973-733-6000