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ALERT: Help Crayola Find Newark Ironbound and Lawrenceville NJ Elementary School Artists from the 80s, 1990s

Newark Lawrenceville

By: Richard L. Smith 

Crayola is on a heartwarming mission to reunite adults with their childhood artwork, and they need the help of the Ironbound community.AdBy opening its art archives, officials told RLS Media that they aim to spark conversations about the significance of childhood creativity and highlight its importance as a vital life skill. 

Among the initial pieces being released are two charming artworks created by local students in the late 80s and early 90s.

The first piece, titled My Teacher, was created by a kindergarten student named Yajaira at Wilson Avenue School in Newark in the early 90s.


The second piece, titled Flying to Cat Land, was created by a student named Margaret at Slackwood School in Lawrenceville in the late 80s.


Officials said both artworks were part of Crayola’s Dream Makers art program, which encouraged children to express their dreams and imaginations through art.

Yajaira’s piece reflects her admiration for her teacher, while Margaret’s whimsical artwork includes a dream statement that reads, “My Dream is that I wish I had four cats that were magic so I could fly on them to cat land.”AdThese pieces are not just drawings; they are windows into the creative minds of children and the dreams they cherished.

This initiative is part of Crayola’s new Campaign for Creativity, which aims to challenge conventional perceptions of creativity and ignite a dialogue about its value.

The campaign encourages parents to integrate more creative moments into their children’s lives, helping them to reach their full potential.

Crayola hopes to return all 1,000 pieces of art remaining in its archives, once part of one of the largest collections of children’s artworks in the world.

This first wave of art returns is just the beginning of a journey to reconnect people with their childhood memories and celebrate the creativity that continues to shape their lives.

To learn more about the Campaign for Creativity and the art return, visit you have any information about the artists Yajaira or Margaret, please contact Crayola to help facilitate this special reunion. 

Let’s come together to honor the creativity of our community and support Crayola in bringing these cherished memories back to its creators.