ALERT: 31-Year-Old Newark Woman Missing; Last Seen Going to Supermarket UPDATE: Found Safe

Police officials in Newark are on an active search for a woman who went missing after leaving her house for shopping this week.

Police say Ms. Shanell Acquah Abbiw, 31, went missing from the 80’s block of Court Street in the city of Newark.

According to police, Shanell was last seen on February 12, 2020, apparently traveling to the ShopRite in Newark or Hillside but failed to return home.

Police say she is operating a red 2013 Toyota Rav 4 bearing NJ license plate numbers ”E37GHF”.

​ The vehicle is similar to the above picture.

Shanell’s mental and physical condition is currently at the satisfied status.

If any unit comes in contact with this person Please notify Newark Police at 973-733-7273 or Newark Special Unit at 973-733-7273