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AIR QUALITY ALERT: Smoky Haze Continues to Affect North Jersey Amidst Rising Wildfire Concerns


By: Richard L. Smith 

Residents in the Newark and North Jersey region will awake again to a smoky haze as the air quality dips due to the Canadian wildfires raging hundreds of miles away.


In addition to the haze, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service said the area faces a high chance of wildfires due to a prolonged dry spell and a lack of rainfall.

According to NWS forecasters, the weather forecast predicts a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms before 4 am, followed by patchy fog after 5 am.

As of 5:15 am, the region remains mostly cloudy, with a low temperature of around 66 degrees and a calm wind of about 5 mph from the southwest. By 11 am, temperatures will reach about 74 degrees, then top out at 79 degrees in most areas in the region. 

NWS meteorologists say the smoky haze hanging over Newark and North Jersey directly results from the wildfires that have devastated parts of Canada.

The winds have carried the smoke and ash across vast distances, causing reduced visibility and a distinct smell of burning in the air.

It is essential for residents to limit their exposure to the haze by staying indoors and closing windows, especially for those with respiratory conditions or sensitivities.

 It is crucial for everyone to exercise caution and be vigilant to prevent any accidental fires, such as by properly disposing of cigarette butts and avoiding open flames in wooded areas.

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