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Addiction Recovery, Social Services Offered to 10 Pandhandlers 'Detained' by Trenton Enforcement Operation

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By: Richard L. Smith 

An aggressive detail to curb New Jersey's largest city of panhandlers has taken a softer approach in removing individuals engaging in the social norm of begging others for money in public. 

According to a statement released by Trenton Police, on Friday, December 9,  Day Time Task Force Officers conducted an above-par panhandling detail.

They 'detained' ten individuals in the area of Route 129 from Lalor Street to Hamilton Avenue.  

A problem that has had many large cities in NJ and America searching for solutions, panhandlers or street beggars are a highly stigmatized collection of individuals.

In addition to publicly displaying their homeless status, panhandlers suffer numerous other indignities while begging passersby for spare change. Despite these humiliations, many panhandlers enhance their self-regard and status by developing relationships with givers who become regular sources of support.

Some have complained that their behaviors and consistency of showing up at locations to beg for money are being used for substance abuse rather than 'direct' poverty.  

Despite these claims, Trenton Police showed a humanitarian approach in providing addiction services with help from the Recovery Advocates of America. 

From the ten offered assistance, Trenton Police said only four individuals accepted treatment.  

The Trenton Police Department said they will remain committed to assisting the homeless population.