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$80,950 Quick Draw Ticket Sold in Bergen County


By: Najla Alexander 

NJ Lottery officials announced that one lucky player purchased a Quick Draw Progressive ticket, winning $80,950, 20% of the progressive jackpot, on Monday, April 15.AdAccording to officials, Quick Draw Progressive tickets are sold at any retailer and offer a fast way for players to see if their ticket is a lucky winner.

The winning ticket was sold at Boulevard Bar & Grill, 401 Mola Blvd., Elmwood Park, in Bergen County, lottery officials said. 

Authorities say this is the second time the Quick Draw Progressive Jackpot has been hit since its introduction on March 4.

Officials said the first jackpot winner was worth $15,686, or 10% of the jackpot at the time of the drawing.

The Quick Draw Progressive Jackpot is over $325,000 at the time of this release, officials stated.

How does the Quick Draw Progressive Jackpot work?

Officials said this rolling jackpot is available to every single player at no additional cost.

A set of nine “Your Jackpot Numbers” (01-80) are randomly selected and printed at the bottom of every Quick Draw ticket, officials say.

Authorities say if all nine of the player’s numbers are selected in any of the Quick Draw drawings that the ticket is eligible for, the ticket wins a portion of the Progressive Jackpot based on the amount wagered per draw.AdLottery officials said a $1 wager per draw ticket wins 10% of the jackpot, a $2 wager per draw ticket wins 20% of the jackpot, and so on.

Any ticket with a $10 wager per draw or higher will be eligible to receive 100% of the jackpot, officials stated,

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