SPREADING JOY: East Orange Schools Launch "4 Hart Beat Complex Community Outreach Program" to Rally Against Bullying

EAST ORANGE- The John L Costley, Sojourner Truth, Partick Healy, and Future Ready Middle school teamed up to host their first-ever "4 Hart Beat Complex Community Outreach Program" for Three stages Childcare and Learning Center

According to school officials, the program was the brainchild of Costley's student government association and supported by the Complex Anti-Bullying Specialist (Mr. Arumemi, Mr. Bell, Ms. King-Anderson, and Mr. Hodges.

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Officials say their main goal is to promote empathy amongst their students to reduce the bullying rate within the complex.

"Allowing kids to understand that some are in need within our community, and they should try to assist them as best as they can," officials said.

The event was created this year to instill unity and togetherness amongst the four schools. In efforts to pay the acts of empathy forward, the young adults decided to implement the values into the community.

Officials say welcoming students from ages 2 ½ -5 years-old where they were showered with warm welcomes, holiday spirit, and great presents.

"The pre-teens entertained the toddlers through delicious snacks, storytime, an exclusive dance selection created by a group of students, a Christmas carol, and joyful humor. Santa Clause even paid the kids a surprise special visit," according to school officials.

"This first event was a definite success and the staff and students appreciated all who participated and volunteered to make it happen. The room was filled with pure joy and gratefulness," officials said.

Mr. Arumemi hopes that every child has been touched in some way and wishes that they will carry the acts of empathy and giving back throughout the rest of their lives.