$368K Powerball Winner’s Husband Questions If It’s All A Dream

TRENTON (September 25, 2019) – Susan S. of Atco in Camden County is a consistent New Jersey Lottery player who plays a variety of draw games. Susan also runs her office lottery pool for Mega Millions and Powerball. While picking up her tickets in late June, she decided to try her luck with Jersey Cash 5 and bought two tickets for the next couple of drawings.

On one ticket she played personally important numbers and on the other she went with a Quick Pick. Susan’s ticket purchase spanned the drawings from June 23 through June 27 and on the final drawing, her Quick Pick ticket matched all five out the five white balls drawn for a prize of $368,069!

Susan checked her ticket that evening before heading off to bed and realized she’d matched all numbers.

She shouted out so excitedly after realizing she had won that her husband thought something was wrong at first.

Susan told her husband the delightful news, but he thought she was just joking and refused to believe it. Susan told the Lottery she couldn’t fall asleep and spent hours trying to convince her husband it wasn’t a joke. She said,

“He wasn’t buying it and made me scan the ticket on my mobile app in front of him.”