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30-Count Indictment Handed to Five Suspects, Business Involved in Middlesex County Dark Web Drug Trafficking Business

Middlesex County

Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey announced today that five people and two corporations have been named in a 30-count indictment regarding a multi-million-dollar criminal enterprise responsible for manufacturing and distributing narcotics in New Jersey, New York and thru the Dark Web.

Chester Anderson, 45, of South Brunswick, Jarrette Codd, 42, of Jamesburg, and Ronald MacCarty, 51, of Jackson in Ocean Township were indicted on first degree racketeering as well as two companies Next Level Research & Development, Inc. d/b/a/ sinmed located in South Brunswick and MTM Cellular, LLC. d/b/a/ Wireless Spots in Asbury Park.

Chester Anderson has been indicted as a leader of a narcotics trafficking network and promoting organized street crime; both first-degree crimes. He was also indicted as a leader of organized crime, use of a 17-year-old or younger to commit a criminal offense, and endangering the welfare of a child; all second-degree crimes.

The charges in the indictment also include maintaining or operating drug production facilities in South Brunswick, Old Bridge, and in the City of Vineland, in the County of Cumberland; all first first-degree crimes, possession with intent to distribute a variety of illegal and prescription legend drugs, and unlawful possession of handgun ammunition in the fourth degree.

Next Level Research & Development, Inc. d/b/a/ sinmed and MTM Cellular, LLC. d/b/a/ Wireless Spots were indicted for financial facilitation of criminal activity in the first degree for dealing with property or engaging in transactions involving property known to be derived from criminal activity.

Anderson, Codd and his wife Tania Codd, MacCarty and his wife Marissa MacCarty have all been indicted for failure to file personal tax returns and failure to pay income taxes. Next Level Research & Development, Inc was also indicted for failure to file and pay business tax returns, all third-degree crimes.

The 30-count indictment were handed up following a presentation to a Middlesex County Grand Jury by Middlesex County Assistant Prosecutor Russell Curley.

The arrests and charges on April 3, 2019, followed an extensive investigation by the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the United States Secret Service, the U.S. Postal Service, the South Brunswick Police Department, and the New Jersey Division of Taxation, Office of Criminal Investigations.

An investigation began in 2017, when the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office uncovered a series of suspicious transactions involving bitcoin, a digital cryptocurrency. These transactions were linked to a New Jersey based company named Next Level Research and Development, which listed Jackson resident Ronald MacCarty, and Chester Anderson as affiliates.

Further investigation determined that between March 2016 through

April 2019 the defendants were involved in a criminal enterprise that was responsible for manufacturing and distributing narcotics in New Jersey, New York and thru the Dark Web.

The investigation is active and is continuing. Anyone with information may call Sergeant Craig Marchak of Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office at (732) 745-4505.

As is the case with all criminal defendants, the charges against all the defendants are merely accusations and they are presumed innocent until proven guilty.