Not Guilty on All Charges for Man Accused of Groping Woman in Mercer County Massage Parlor

Trenton, NJ -- Mercer County massage therapist, Asmar Berry, has been acquitted of all charges resulting from a false accusation of allegedly touching a female client inappropriately during a session according to the defendant's legal team.

The legal team said, Joan Szczepanik, Community Relations Manager at Nordson Corporation Foundation, falsely accused Mr. Berry of touching her while working at Renewed Spa Massage in Pennington, in September of 2018.

After an hour and a half of deliberations on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, a Mercer County jury found Mr. Berry not guilty on charges of two counts of 2nd-degree sexual assault and three counts of sexual contact.

Mark G. Davis, attorney for Mr. Berry stated, “I’m glad that justice was served by the right jury.

Since these allegations were filed, Mr. Berry has since been suspended from his place of employment of 11 years and endured lost wages.

"While this is seemingly over with, rebuilding his life is on the forefront, and The Mercer County prosecutor's office along with Joan Szczepanik’s defamation of his character will not go unnoticed".